Shine Bright

Auburn students receive class rings such as this at the biannual Ring Ceremony. Adam Brasher

The tradition behind the Auburn ring

Auburn University’s Ring Night is a biannual tradition that takes place at 6:56 pm,18:56 military time, representing the founding year of East Alabama Male College, the original name of Auburn University. Student Government Association representatives and other members of the student body gathered around the Auburn seal in front of Langdon Hall to watch the festivities. The rings, shelved in a movable box, were rolled over the seal to place the infamous “curse” on them. This curse is said to prevent students from graduating in four years, in addition to some other unfortunate circumstances.

Three days after the rings were cursed, the group gathered again for the Ring Ceremony to dip each ring in water from the president's fountain. This action is known to reverse the bad fortune, yet keep the Auburn Spirit alive. The rings, unified to all share the same symbolic design, are only offered to students who have completed at least 75 credit hours. These juniors and seniors assembled at the Ring Ceremony to celebrate their successes at Auburn with their friends and family members looking on with pride.

photo by Adam Brasher