Trying Time for Toomer's Oaks

An oak at Toomer's Corner is rolled following an Auburn Tigers victory. Benjamin Morgan

Trouble at Toomer's Corner

Auburn defeated LSU on September 24th after a high emotion and high stakes game. The entire Auburn family was on a high that could have lasted all night. Downtown Auburn seemed to be completely covered in toilet paper from a Toomer’s Corner celebration. Early Sunday morning, flames began to engulf the Magnolia tree after a strand of toilet paper had been lit by Joachim Weist. On this seemingly perfect night, just five years after the poisoning of the oaks, tragedy had struck Toomer’s once again. The identity of the culprit may have never been known if Auburn student Herron Taylor had not witnessed the act and chased Weist down. The Magnolia oak was damaged enough by the fire that Auburn fans were unable to roll it for the remainder of the season. Through good times and bad, the Auburn family will always protect our corner.