60 Years of Support


Get to know Buddy Davidson, Auburn's biggest football fan


Buddy Davidson does not like to miss Auburn football games. In fact, he has not missed an Auburn game in 60 years. The streak began in 1957, and on October 7, during the Ole Miss game of the 2017 season, he attended his 700th consecutive game.

When Buddy Davidson came onto the team as a student manager in 1957, the then freshman’s streak began in the middle of Auburn's first national championship season. He came in with very little, but one thing became the key to his streak: a note written to Coach Ralph “Shug” Jordan from his high school football coach promising his dependability. This note was to give Davidson a chance to work with the football program, and it worked for the young freshman.

It seemed he was a good luck charm for the team, as in his first game the Tigers shut out Florida. That game was on Davidson’s 18th birthday. And the season only went on to more wins, making Davidson not want to miss a game ever. His streak almost came to an end when Davidson had a stroke in 2014, but he only wanted to go to the hospital with the promise of attending the next Auburn football game. While Davidson was left with his right side partially paralyzed and his speech impaired, he continued his streak through these newfound challenges.

His positions changed over the years, from student manager to assistant athletics director and now to fan, but one thing remained: Davidson did not miss a game. He has held the longest known perfect attendance streak in Auburn History. He was a friend to everyone, and everyone that met him told stories of his kindness and willingness to help Auburn.

The famous streak will end one day, but if it is up to Buddy Davidson, it does not seem like he will let that time come anytime soon. Auburn is his family and his home.