From the Field to the Studio

Photo: Jacob Sparks (Glomerata, Vol. 121) 

Meet Isaiah Conner

Conner Sibley came to Auburn as a linebacker on the football team and is leaving as a musician. Growing up in Athens, Georgia, Conner said being a lifelong Auburn fan came with its challenges. Getting the chance to walk-on as a linebacker for the Tigers fulfilled one of his life-long dreams. Conner played for Auburn for two years before suffering a career-ending injury. No longer on the football team, the junior studying finance now has time to pursue his true passion -- music. He spent last summer working in a Nashville recording studio, an opportunity that he said gave him invaluable experience. While Conner enjoys working on the production side of things, writing and performing his own music is what drives him. He has produced original songs, and he says that more are on the way. Raised in the South, Conner cites several rock and country stars as his influences, but has developed his own unique sound rooted in pop. He plans to release future music under his stage name: Isaiah Conner, a combination of his first and middle name. With the name Isaiah Conner, Sibley intends to distinguish his new career from his former as a college athlete. Conner has performed all over Auburn at various events and concerts; Conner said opening for rapper 2 Chainz at UPC’s Airwaves concert has been his favorite music moment so far. After graduation, Conner plans on using his finance degree to help further jump-start his music career.