Behind the Scenes - Auburn Athletics Image

Photo: Adam Brasher (Glomerata, Vol. 120) 

Dana Marquez, Auburn's Equipment Manager, maintains traditions and improves safety for our athletes

As Auburn University's Equipment Manager, Dana Marquez manages a 4.1 million dollar budget and the image of Auburn Athletics. He prides himself on maintaining the clean and traditional look that Auburn has had for decades while also constantly striving to improve safety, performance, and comfort of our athletes. Whether he is helping to engineer carbon tech shoulder pads or assisting with helmet fittings, Marquez's top priority is always his athletes. Marquez is also the man behind the groundbreaking digital LED down markers you can now find at Auburn football games. 

While demonstrating a passion for his career, Marquez also strives to impact the students he works with off the court and field. He is known for encouraging his students to talk to him about life with his famous "what does it mean to you to be great?" question and his ever present reminder that you must have constantly evolving short term goals to achieve long term success. Marquez has been around Auburn long enough to have seen massive growth in his department and to know that his job is important and impactful. He views his most important role as serving as a mentor and friend to the students he meets through his job. As Marquez said best, the Auburn expectation is to be better than who else is out there. He surpasses this expectation every day while serving in his unique role.