Global Gap Year


One student's gap year will be spent serving around the world

Kayla Norwood is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: an eleven month long trip around the world. On her expedition, she plans to visit India, Vietnam, Colombia, and several other incredible destinations. She will be joining The World Race organization to share her faith and serve others in these countries. The World Race partners with over 1,000 ministry partners in over 70 countries to encourage young adults to serve the world they live in while having the opportunity to travel to parts of the world they haven't been before. The World Race offers several opportunities to serve with them, from semester long trips to eleven month missions, like the one Kayla will go on. These missions are designed to take young adults out of their comfort zones and make an impact in the places that need it the most. 

Kayla's journey of global discovery began almost four years ago when she traveled to Guatemala. On her journey around the world with The World Race, Kayla has a few goals she plans to make a reality; she wants to be completely focused on this trip, live in the moment, and leave out all distractions. Kayla says she loves making others' days brighter and spreading joy through kindness. She cannot wait to spread her smile across the globe. As excited as she is for this trip, her biggest hesitation will be giving up two years of teaching school; however, with the trip of a lifetime, she believes it will be worth it. Kayla's gap year will allow her to continue her education in new ways before venturing into adulthood. 

You can learn more about Kayla's experience traveling the globe with The World Race by visiting her blog