Where in the World is Adam Brasher?

Photo: Adam Brasher

Catch up with a recent Auburn alum as he serves the Peace Corps in Guyana

While at Auburn, Adam Brasher was known for trying new things and capturing them with one of his many cameras. He became enamored with cultures he wasn’t familiar with after traveling to Africa, Cuba and Latin America on various study abroad and solo trips. Since graduation, he has continued to explore his passion for learning more about the world outside of Auburn by joining the Peace Corps. 

Stationed in Guyana, Adam describes his daily routine as having a “go with the flow” pace. There is no electricity on the island, so the day’s work must get done between sunrise and sunset. Currently, Adam is teaching science to over seventy third through sixth grade students at the island’s primary school. He also has taken on the tasks of establishing the school’s library and helping with organized school sports. He is looking forward to starting a conservation-based wildlife club for the students and has been asked to start a similar club for a nearby school as well. Adam also serves the toshao, the village’s chief, as a conservation and science resource. Most recently, Adam worked with a Canadian volunteer on a painting project in the community center. This project focused on Arawak, the indigenous language of Adam’s new community. Resources are being introduced to revive the local language, and this is one way for locals to become more familiar with it. 

Adam Brasher Painting
Photo: Adam Brasher

One of Adam’s favorite memories thus far is meeting another member of the Auburn family in Guyana. While going through Peace Corps training, Adam was visiting with his host grandfather. A guest arrived and one of them asked Adam about his Auburn t-shirt. As it turns out, the man had also attended Auburn and they shared stories about their Auburn experiences. It wasn’t until the man had left that Adam realized he had been talking to Region Two’s Regional Executive Officer, the equivalent of the governor, of that part of Guyana. 

Auburn in Guyana
Photo: Adam Brasher

Adam continues to live up to the legacy he started at Auburn. He is pursuing new adventures and challenges around the world. To keep up with Adam as he documents his experience in Guyana, you can follow his blog