Loosen Up


From downtown to the great outdoors, students find unique ways to blow off steam

Living in Auburn, a town devoted to accommodating college students, students have many resources and various ways to relieve stress. For those exhausted with the stress of the semester, Auburn provides students with sanctuaries both on and off campus. 

Sarah Grace Jones, a sophomore studying exercise science, says, “The best way for me to relieve stress is to hit the gym.” Being enrolled in many tough classes, Jones runs off the anxiety in the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center. The Recreation and Wellness Center provides all students with a way to physically escape the jitters a semester may bring. Exercising throughout the semester can get Auburn students through those final classes without breaking a sweat. 

For Garrett Modawell, a sophomore in political science, taking an evening stroll around Toomer’s Corner and Samford Lawn make all his worries go away. Being in the south, the weather is usually warm and humid, but the warm weather has its perks. Modawell says his favorite time to take his walks is “during the fall because you can watch the sunset through the changing leaves.” Walking around and through the campus after a long day of classes and work can make the stress disappear. Having time to reflect and be silent can calm the nerves academics may bring. 

Students of age, like Auburn junior Lane Molette, tend to loosen up after a hard week of classes by going to the local downtown bars. Molette says his favorite bar to go to is SkyBar Cafe because of their affordable drink specials and friendly bartenders. He also says going to the bars is the best way to socialize and meet new people in a fun atmosphere and, as he states, “Whiskey is the curator of conversation.” Of course, in Auburn’s efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, the campus remains alcohol and drug free. Auburn has adopted and implemented plenty of services for Auburn students and employees in compliance of their policies. The campus does a tremendous job in keeping these regulations firm and abiding by laws, and the town of Auburn offers several of places for students to let loose off campus after a hard weeks worth of classes. 

Students are constantly finding ways to debrief. College can be a stressful time, so it is important that students practice self-care and treat themselves to a relaxing evening every now and then. Auburn is a special and comforting home to its students, so whether it be by going to the gym, strolling on the plains or grabbing a drink downtown, it is no surprise that Auburn students have found ways to loosen up.