An Auburn Example


Meet one of Auburn's student leaders -- Justin Smith.

  Justin Smith is a senior at Auburn University studying Chemical Engineering, and after graduation, he plans to move to Houston to serve with a non-profit organization before he begins work as a research analyst for Exxon Mobil. Justin has been greatly involved on campus over his four years, currently serving as Vice President of the Student Government Association as well as a Plainsman of Auburn University. During his time at Auburn, Justin has striven to make a difference in the community and in each of the many lives he touched while leading on-campus organizations. In an interview, Justin said he did not know what his greatest accomplishment has been at Auburn because he will never know the long-term effects of any one accomplishment. He has done incredible things on the Plains, mostly through the three character traits he described himself as: driven, versatile and stubborn. Driven by the way he always challenges himself, versatile by the way he can adapt to any situation and stubborn by the way that he never fluctuates in his beliefs or opinions. Justin has accomplished incredible things on campus, and nearly everyone who meets him can feel the impact he has had. However, even more people are unaware of the comedic, caring side that adds to his accomplishments. He comically stated without hesitation that his spirit animal would be a North American Black Bear, and he was adamant that no one would confuse the North American Black Bear with a grizzly bear. Justin chose the North American Black Bear because “it’s playful and cute, but it can also be quite ferocious when it needs to be.”


Justin has a huge heard for the Auburn community. He genuinely loves the Auburn family, and he especially loves the overall inclusiveness of it. Justin also adores that regardless of his location, other people will always yell “War Eagle” when they see him in Auburn gear. Justin Smith has made himself known during his four years at Auburn University by serving and loving others, leaving an impression that will be hard to forget for years to come.