A Mighty Performance


Meet Auburn's Winterguard -- Illustrated Fantasy.

Illustrated Fantasy is an independent winterguard founded in 2015 at Auburn University. Winterguard is a competitive group that performs without a band, typically in a gymnasium, to a pre-recorded musical selection. The performance incorporates dance, flag, rifle, and sabre, and is judged based on execution and artistry. “Our team has performed shows ranging from the mystical to the inspirational and I have been able to watch it grow so much in three years,” says secretary, Meaghan Holland, “We have won most improved two years in a row. I am excited about this upcoming year because it looks very promising with an exciting new show in the works.” 

The organization was founded by Kayla Moore, a recent Auburn graduate, and a group of very passionate performers. Moore worked very hard to keep up the organization in the early years. Since then she has created relationships across campus with the Auburn High School flag line and with Yarbrough Elementary School. Moore left behind a legacy of hard work and devotion which has kept the organization active. Every year they hand out the Moore Award in honor of her, given to the team member that best embodies the spirit and devotion that Moore was known for. 

Illustrated Fantasy_1

The team has a relationship with the Auburn High School Winterguard. A member of the Illustrated Fantasy staff works with the rifles and sabres at AHS. She has continued and strengthened the relationship that Moore originally had with the high school.  As they are both competitors in the SAPA circuit, the AHS winterguard and Illustrated Fantasy help and encourage each other at competition. 

This year, the team is composed of nine talented new and returning members, as well as four experienced staff members. “We have risen to every challenge we have faced in the past and look forward to every new day as an opportunity to work harder and get better,” says Holland. Returning member, Nicole Allen, says, “it's not without a bit of fun, we work hard but we also take the time to form relationships”. The organization hosts several member activities over the year, including a show reveal party, Halloween themed movie night and a tailgate. They also participate in the Auburn Christmas parade. 

With the new season fast approaching they are working very hard to get the show finalized and with such great new members, Holland says, “I have no doubt that this season will be one of our best. So long as we do not lose sight of our goals and work hard, we will live up to our motto, ‘Illustrated Fantasy: better every day’”.