Falling Into Fashion


Students are looking stylish on the Plains. What are they wearing?

As the temperature drops and the fall semester comes to a close, Auburn students can be found walking to and from exams, work, or class in the hottest styles. On the weekends or during their free time, students can be found shopping for the latest fashion trends at local boutiques in downtown Auburn and Opelika. Game days are a popular excuse for students to dress up during the school year. Some popular fashion styles include chic, girly-girl, hipster, vintage, bohemian, and casual. But what are the hot trends? Don’t get left behind and stay tuned for the latest fashion trends. 

Whether an athlete or not, finding a comfortable yet trendy shoe can be a key piece in completing a fashionable outfit. Many students will walk at least a mile between getting to class, grabbing food, and attending club meetings. Therefore, many students find comfort to be a top priority. Tennis shoes provide support and comfort making you ready for anything. While brands like Adidas and Nike are very popular and timeless, some of the up and coming running shoe brands many students are wearing on the concourse and to class include On Cloud, Salomon, and Hoka. 

Birkenstocks are another common trend in footwear that incorporates more of a Bohemian feel and are worn by both males and females. These shoes can be dressed down with athletic shorts and a t-shirt or paired with a dress for a more formal look. In the cooler months, students can be seen wearing Birkenstocks with unique socks to help make an outfit pop.

Chit-chat among guys walking on the concourse often implies that girls always wear the same things as one another. However, the same can often be said for male students. Expressing fashion and creativity through outfits can often be difficult for males, but adding a hat or boots to an outfit can allow students to display their unique style. Not only are boots approved for fraternity pledge wear, but they are a popular shoe option year-round as they provide both style and support. Senior Forest Dewberry, a mechanical engineer major, likes to wear rounded boots because “they are rainproof, steel toe and I like how they look.” He goes on to say, “why wouldn’t I wear them?” 

The typical “college student” look may seem as if a student has just woken up and thrown on an outfit picked up off their bedroom floor. This style is often referred to as athleisure and it is not going anywhere this fall. However, there are many fits and brands that a student can choose to wear. Two of the most popular female athletic, specifically short, brands that are often worn around campus include Nike and Lululemon. In the fall, students typically wear yoga pants or jeans. Oversized fit t-shirts are a popular casual everyday look for girls, especially shirts that show off their sorority, places they have traveled, or things they are passionate about.

For females, a sweater can be a unique statement piece. A sweater can be dressed down over a casual t-shirt or worn alone for a more formal outfit. Sweaters can be paired with yoga pants for a more laid back look or jeans for a night downtown. 

When people think of fashion, often the first thing that pops into mind is clothing. However, fashion encompasses many more components, such as accessorizing and hairstyling. 2019 has seen the rise of the VSCO girl which is an environmentally conscious millennial that cannot be caught without a scrunchie. Adding accessories, such as a scrunchie or two, this fall is a fun way to highlight your style while expressing your personality.


Beaded and dainty necklaces have become popular accessories in the past few years. Students often pair these necklaces with a casual t-shirt or any outfit to add interest. After seeing the demand for these necklaces, Auburn students have turned to the jewelry industry to make extra cash in college. Some popular jewelry brands from current and former Auburn students include Boho Babes Jewels, Raw & Rebellious and Beaded by Meg. 

While college life may be difficult, it can serve as a time of personal growth and exploration, and fashion is no exception. College is all about having fun and finding yourself so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles or pieces you might not normally choose. Maybe it’s changing a casual oversized t-shirt for one that is more fitted or adding an accessory to your outfit. The cold weather and dropping temperatures do not mean you have to compromise your style or drop your fashion standards. This fall, try finding and implementing unique pieces to highlight your style which can help you to foster a sense of individuality among your classmates.