Transitioning to a Tiger


Apps for first-year students

As the fall semester starts to ramp up, check out this list of essential mobile apps every Auburn student should know about. These apps will help you stay on track of academics while grabbing the best deals in town.

Canvas Student

If you were to choose one app from the list to download, the Canvas app is likely the most imperative. This app is crucial for last-minute course changes from the professor, such as canceling class. With the push notification feature for new messages or assignments, it is the quickest way to be notified if anything new comes up. The “To Do” tab organizes assignments by their due date, allowing students to stay on top of their upcoming assignments. You can even study your notes on the way to class!

Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is an application recently integrated at Auburn used to provide a second method of authentication. AUAccess will often prompt users to authenticate with DUO Mobile when registering for classes, making a payment, logging into email or accessing various other features that could include confidential information. The app can also be downloaded on an Apple Watch or other smart devices to verify a student’s credentials. For more information, head over to the Duo website, or visit the Office of Information Technology (OIT).


If you live off-campus or take the bus, DoubleMap is an essential app that tracks the Tiger Transit buses in real-time. The app details the routes each bus takes and provides a time range of when the bus will reach a certain stop. You can select the routes you frequently use under the “Settings” tab for easier access. With this app, you can take your time in the mornings and plan your day around when the busses will be picking up.


Grubhub is the fastest way to get your food from many of the on-campus dining options offered by Tiger Dining. Some places, such as the food trucks, have switched exclusively to taking orders through Grubhub due to the pandemic. If you’re away from campus and don’t feel like cooking or going out to eat, you can switch over to the off-campus tab to discover restaurants available for pickup or delivery.



The outlook app can be used to receive your emails from Auburn University with your address. Some professors notify their students about class changes and upcoming assignments via email instead of Canvas. Having the Outlook app will allow you to receive communication from peers and instructors about things that may be more time-sensitive. Many clubs choose to communicate with their members through email as well. 


Hooked is a food, drink and lifestyle app in college towns that partners with local restaurants to provide discounts to college students. Various restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts, Which Wich and Smoothie King offer buy one get one discounts as well as certain dollar amounts off meals. Deals are often time-sensitive, but you can set a reminder within the app if a certain offer appeals to you.



If you like to do homework problems on paper instead of through digital software, then CamScanner is the perfect app for you! CamScanner can convert the document into a PDF and it is integrated with Canvas. From there, you can select the course as well as the assignment. It is also a great way to store documents as a backup if you may need them later.


Socratic is a resource from Google that allows students to use their voice, camera or keyboard to understand the solutions to any problem. For example, if you submit a math-related problem, it will pull up a YouTube video related to the concept, if available. Some students use apps such as Quizlet to find answers, but Socratic gives users a more dynamic way to access multimedia resources to help solve the toughest of homework problems.