Campus Cravings


Tiger Dining offers a variety of foods to cater to all types of cravings

Whether you’re in a hurry to get to class or just looking for a good home-cooked meal, Tiger Dining offers a wide variety of options for students and anyone who may be visiting Auburn’s campus. There are multiple all-you-can-eat dining options on campus that can be a good place to eat if lines are long elsewhere. Tiger Zone is the dining hall located at The Village and The Edge at Central Commons is Auburn’s newest dining hall near the Campus Green. To check the hours and locations, visit Auburn Campus Dish website.

Students have different default plans whether they live on campus or off campus. Grubhub is a popular ordering option among students because of the convenience it offers. Students are able to order ahead to avoid lines in exchange for a small service fee. If you see a student sneak out of class and come back later with a snack, chances are that they ordered using Grubhub. 

Tiger Dining offers resources such as registered dietitians that can help you navigate your meal plan and where you can eat if you have certain dietary restrictions or food allergies. Within dining halls and certain on-campus restaurants, colored messages with labels such as “Vegan” and “Made with Whole Grains” allow students to get a better understanding of the food offered and its nutritional value.

Auburn’s dining options are unique from other college campuses because of the food trucks. For example, Good Karma is a food truck that offers Indian-inspired eats. Owner and founder Sunny Merchant recalls how his company “tries their best to do good in the community and bring people together” one compostable bowl at a time. The food trucks have limited operating hours and their location, hours, and more can be found on the Tiger Dining Instagram account, @autigerdining.

Auburn University as a whole wants its students to succeed, so fueling your body the right way is an important part of living a healthy college lifestyle. There are various resources within the university that help students navigate the many dining options across campus.