Crazed Class Registration


Spring registration process begins

As the fall semester has begun to wrap up, class registration has opened and students are beginning to sign up for their Spring 2022 course load. Some are looking for fun elective courses while others are trying to squeeze in all of their prerequisites prior to applying for their major. Registration can be a stressful time for many as they try to create their ideal schedule that fits with prior commitments like clubs, jobs and recurring meetings.

Arguably the most important step in preparing for class registration is sifting through possible class times and professors on Tiger Scheduler, a software that allows students to visualize their schedule and determine what combination of classes would best fit their schedule of other commitments. This is also how students get the course registration numbers, or CRNs, that is used to actually enroll in each class.


Researching possible schedules through Tiger Scheduler is important, but it can also be time consuming and overwhelming. Utilizing the “personal times” feature blocks out certain times as a way to minimize class conflicts. Another way to minimize schedule conflicts is to “pin” a class that locks it in and will not show classes that overlap with it.

Another aspect students consider when deciding what classes they want to take is the personality or style of teaching of the professor. One benefit of registering for classes in college as opposed to high school is that there is more flexibility and often a choice of professors. One of the most popular ways to register is to research each professor on Rate My Professor, a website that allows students to leave a review of their professor. Rate My Professor is not foolproof, but it can give students an idea of what to expect out of the class and professor.

Many choose to meet with their advisor prior to their assigned registration time. In fact, some majors require students to complete an advising session to get access to their registration pin. Advising meetings can give students confidence in their class choices and provide some guidance on what classes to take and things to avoid as well as how to plan for study abroad opportunities, internships and for meeting all of the requirements to graduate on time.

Whether a student needs a few fun elective classes, like Beverage Appreciation, Bowling or Badminton, or is trying to satisfy prerequisites to graduate on time, it is clear that advising appointments, Tiger Scheduler and Rate My Professor are crucial components to a smooth and successful registration process