About Us

What is The Glomerata?
The Glomerata is Auburn University's Official Yearbook. Preserving Auburn's memories since 1897, the Glom is one of the largest and most sought after collegiate publications in the Southeast. The 404-page, all-color book is distributed for free each April to Auburn University students. The book highlights every aspect of student life at Auburn University including campus life, athletics, academics, organizations, greeks and people. This long-standing tradition at Auburn sets us apart from many other yearbooks in the country. The Glom has served Auburn's students for over 120 years, and we plan to continue our legacy as a cherished collection of our college days for many years to come.
How can I get involved?
In the fall semester, the Glom accepts applications on AUinvolve for staff membership which includes writers, designers and photographers who are interested in helping to construct the yearbook or maintain our growing digital platforms. Membership is open to any Auburn University student. Students interested in applying for general staff do not need to have previous experience with yearbooks, only a desire to learn and preserve Auburn's memories.
How can I make sure I am in The Glomerata?
With over 25,000 students and 500 organizations, it is nearly impossible to ensure every student gets into the yearbook. Each year, the editorial staff creates a ladder and tries to embody everything that happens on campus in roughly 400-pages, but there will always be events or groups we do not have the space to cover. There are several ways, though, that you or your organization can ensure that you will be featured in the yearbook.
Glomerata Photo Days are hosted on campus early in the fall semester for students to take pictures individually or with a group to be published.
Organization, Greek and Academic Pages
At the beginning of the academic year, contracts for organizations and colleges that would like to purchase space in the yearbook are released on AUinvolve. It is important that participating organizations complete the contract and turns in all required items (photos, captions, write-up and payment) at the time the contracts are due. Completing a contract is the only way to ensure your organization or college is featured in the book.
Do you know a student, faculty or staff member that should be remembered on Auburn's campus? Our staff is always looking to feature individuals or groups who exemplify Auburn. People feature submissions are accepted at aub.ie/glomfeature in early fall for publication and accepted year-round for inclusion online.
How can I get my copy of The Glomerata?
Every April, our staff sets up multiple locations across campus and distributes 8,500 books to students for free. All you need to pick up your copy is your Tiger Card, Mobile Event Pass or banner ID number. All copies are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are unable to pick up a copy, reservations are accepted prior to distribution at aub.ie/GetTheGlom.
Can I look at an old Glomerata?
Auburn Libraries Digital Collections has every Glom up to 2003 available to view here.
How do I stay up-to-date?
While The Glomerata is published annually, we continuously share content on our website and social media pages. Follow us on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | glomerata.com to learn more about the Glom, Auburn University and opportunities for you to leave your mark on history.